Crime Scene Cleanup Narrative


Crime scene cleanup is a janitorial related cleaning activity. Specifically, the term crime scene cleanup refers to nich cleaning within the domain of biohazard cleanup, human blood cleanup. We are lead to relate the California criminal code "187" for homicides in the California Penal Code. More generally, a crime scene cleanup may include suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, traumatic blood loss cleanup, and infectious waste cleanup.

California crime scene cleanup companies may add additional services. Among these service we find Infectious waste cleanup. Infectious waste cleanup may include feces cleanup; rodent, cat, dag, and wild animal droppings may fall within the service umbrella of some California crime scene cleanup companies. Nationwide, water damage and restoration companies play a part in the crime scene cleanup business.

Additionally, hoarding cleanup and filthy house cleanup (also known as "very dirty house cleaning") may be included. We find, then, that the field of crime scene cleanup varies widely from the cleaning contexts related homicide cleanup.

It took about two years to conclude that crime scene cleanup is a racket. Crime scene cleanup is in more than one way.

One, crime scene cleanup is a racket because California county coroner employees (especially investigators) refer victims' families to select crime scene cleanup companies. A simple, hand written note with one to three crime scene cleanup company names sends families to crony cleaning companies; perhaps the crony employees own all or part of these crime scene cleanup companies; or they receive a simple 10 percent kickback.

Now, after 17 years in the crime scene cleanup business, I manage to stay in business with my wife's help, with advertising as here, on web pages. It does no good to use pay-per-click to advertise crime scene cleanup help. My competitors vicously begin clicking my adds to jack up my cost; so, with "organically ranked" web pages like this one, some families and businesses in need of biohazard cleanup scroll down the web page for better prices.

and advertising nationwide at one time or another, I came to the conclusion that I will not find a clean county numbering in the hundreds of thousands. That's what it would take to sustain my crime scene cleanup business, hundreds of thousands of people.

Takes a large enough population is business because it requires specialized cleaning. This type of specialized cleaning involves dramatic blood loss to human beings. Recall that contains human blood now contains blood-borne pathogens, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Augustine, Georgia. Not all human blood contains blood-borne pathogens, course, but it is best to error on the side of safety.

We call this type of dramatic blood loss "biohazard cleanup" as well as "crime scene cleanup." Both of these terms get some misdirection to the meaning of this type trauma cleanup. When we say biohazard cleanup we could be talking about biohazard sound of nature, like tuberculosis, salmonella, and polio. But in our case, these pathogens (pathogens means illness and disease carriers cause and suffering) love does not have to be involved. Just the same, they are for all intents and purposes biohazard.

In its wisdom, and since it has responsibility for their health the American people, the Center for disease control limits the meaning biohazard to human blood. So this means that anybody that works worth, works near, or as a reasonable expectation of being somewhere near human blood in their employment, must have safety rules to protect them from these blood-borne pathogens. We call these rules "blood-borne pathogen protocols" which means those of us in the blood cleanup business revive bloodborne pathogen training.

This blood-borne pathogen training requirement is used by to mislead victims families and anyone else needing professional blood cleanup. biohazard cleanupcompanies lie to families and businesses when it comes to blood cleanup. They tell people route human blood is more dangerous than it really is.

They even tell people that the death order, meaning decompose blood owners, causes serious illness and may even pass on blood-borne pathogens. I've heard this many times from lions and others looking for help with blood cleanup. Because I had over 2000 web sites on the Internet at one time, I received many questions from people all of the country about blood and blood cleanup I have heard their stories about how they were led to flimflam Sheriff-Coroner employs intent on cheating the public.

California crime scene cleanup services include California Homicide, suicide, unattended death, and decomposition cleanup. Death cleanup often takes the same or similar methods. Some variations appear because of types of death. Time, weather, place, and other circumstances influence work and outcomes. We place these types of death cleanup under the crime scene cleanup heading because of popular usage. As a practice they specifically more routinely involve biohazard and blood cleanup tasks. County crime scene cleanup practitioners should advise clients of these matters when pertinent.

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California Homicide Cleanup

A homicide cleanup may take anywhere from one hour to two days. Weather, place, type of death, and weapon used influence cleanup time. See odor reduction for odor issues. California Homicides usually receive a California Penal Code (PC 187) number for their type of death. In all cases of California Homicide, one human being takes the life of another human being. Whether by accident, recklessness, or intent, type of California Homicide may tell something about crime scene cleanup tasks. Murder represents the most serious of California Homicides. Murder by plan and design represents a capital offense which could lead to the death penalty, PC 187.

Blood damage from a violent California Homicide often shows blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM), also known as biohazards.

Over 50% of California homicides occur in domestic disputes. Usually males attack females. Usually these attackers are husband or boyfriends. Most often when females perpetrate California Homicides in E they kill in self-defense. Sometimes they kill their male victim in defense of children living in their home. Not all male perpetrators reside in the same residence with their female California Homicide vic time.

Usually a domestic California homicide arises after a number of violent encounters. Drugs and alcohol often play some role in these murders. Most often the female suffers multiple, violent attacks. One violent attack most often means that more will follow. The lethality of these attacks may escalate. Females seek restraining orders, help from friends and neighbors, and others to remove the violent male; male California Homicide perpetrators will return years later to perpetrate California Homicide on an unsuspecting female victim. E crime scene cleanup practitioners will sometimes find evidence on the crime scene showing previous attacks. Holes in doors and walls, broken appliances, and other damage to the residence appear.

Most crime scene cleanup activities involve unattended deaths and suicide cleanup. Street gangs account for a large number of Los Angeles County California Homicides, too.

Suicide Cleanup

Many suicide cleanup efforts follow a victim's repeated attempts at suicide. We may refer to these attempts as "practicing." Once a suicide victim finds solace in a forthcoming suicide, it becomes inevitable. Intervention will help in some instances. Overall, without a change in circumstances, emotional, psychological conditions, suicide follows.

Suicide cleanup tasks often show a trail leading up to the final moments. In all cases, professional crime scene cleanup practitioners present a respectful demeanor.

Suicide cleanup often resembles a California Homicide cleanup or accidental death cleanup. Differences arise when California Homicide victims die at some distance from their perpetrators. Similarities arise when suicide victims remain mobile following their mortal wounds. This remains the same for California Homicide victims. Accidental death victims may remain mobile until their death. In all mobility until death cases, blood contamination becomes wide spread.

Blood soaked carpet becomes a biohazard and must be removed. Likewise, carpet padding must following the same handling. Both remain biohazards. Mattresses or furnishings like couches, love seats, and arm chairs must be dissected. Soiled contents become biohazard waste if not reduced to an other than blood state.

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Unattended Death Cleanup

An unattended death cleanup may take minutes to two days. If a decedent remains down for days than death cleanup problems arise. These include strong odor reduction, scraping dry blood, removing pieces of wall or floor, and sometime cabinet or toilet removal. This type of cleaning reveals that death and blood's odors permeate many materials. Among these materials we find manufactured goods and materials found in nature. Cabinets, wood furnishings, carpet and carpet padding, paper, and clothing may become heavily permeated by odors.

A simple unattended death cleanup occurs when cleaning quickly after death. Bedding removal usually follows such deaths. Washing bedding in hot, soapy water with a bleach content should remedy these types of death issues. Without blood's presence, these deaths have no biohazards. Infectious materials like feces and sputum becomes classified as infectious material. Without blood there can be no bloodborne pathogens like HIV or hepatitis C,

Decomposition Cleanup

Decomposition begins within minutes of death. Brain cells stop their respiration. Other cells throughout the body stop functioning. Their cellular membranes begin to break. Their contents leak out. As they do the body begins to swell. If a dead body remains without care it may explode. It will leak its fluid contents into the surrounding area. This takes place after about 72 hours following death. These fluids contain sulfur and uric acid. Combining these chemicals creates a noxious odor, which many people refuse to tolerate.

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Odor Reduction

Odors evaporate sooner or later. Ventilation helps to reduce odors. Death and blood odors remain permeated in cellular materials, manufactured or natural. Under given conditions, these odors will persist for up to six months if source material remains. Once source material, blood and OPIM, no longer contaminates the air by off gassing, odors subside. It still can take months for these odors to evaporate if ventilation does not occur.

Professional cleaners never recommend using perfume products to cover offending odors. It is best to reduce and remove them. By covering up odors once cannot find their sources. Remedies to odor contamination include some of the following. Usually all these steps are not necessary. Odor reduction is a process with practices and chemicals:.

  • Remove source material,
  • Clean thoroughly,
  • Bleach soiled areas well,
  • Ventilate well,
  • Seal walls, cabinets, floors,
  • Wash clothing,
  • Ozone,
  • Chemical Fog

The time a body remains decomposing adds to odors because microorganisms begin to grow. Flies nest and add to odors as they build nesting areas; nesting areas become biological sources of odor. If animals are present during the decomposition process, their activities may spread biowaste throughout the premises, adding to odors.

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Time of year and time in place influence rate of decomposition and odors. If in the winter months and heating does not add to temperature increases, decomposition may slow dramatically. If heated, a room will speed decomposition. Likewise in the summer months, decomposition occurs quickly unless air conditioning slows its process. These elements add to overall cleaning time and the time it takes for odor reduction, if any.


Weather as in seasons plays its role as noted above. Along with weather humidity becomes a concern. Humid conditions may slow the decontamination process, but odors may accentuate the death odors. We know that bodies slow their decomposition in water because oxygen does not affect their decay as out of water.

Low humidity influences fluid's drying time. The lower the humidity the faster fluids dry. This may slow the migration of fluid and save further damage. High humidity allows for fluids to remain in the wet or moist state for longer periods of time. In this case the flow of body fluids on uneven floors leads to wall contamination. Fluids may also seep under toilets, between wall and floor seams, down floor vents, and other avenues of escape.

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A general definition or connotation of biohazards does not apply to crime scene cleanup. Here the definition and connotation used by the Center for Disease Control and the Occupational's Safety and Health Administration applies. This means that for our purposes, a biohazard consists of blood or OPIM. OPIM will have blood on or within it to qualify as a biohazard. Without blood, biohazards in the context used in crime scene cleanup exist in blood and blood products.

Bloodborne pathogens, germs, give meaning to these types of biohazards. Specifically, blood must remain wet or moist to host bloodborne pathogens in the great majority of cases. Found in the wild, out of the body or laboratory, most bloodborne pathogens perish because of oxygen in the air, lack of water to sustain life, heat or cold. HIV, for example, cannot persist in the wild; hepatitis C, however, has been found after sixteen days in the wild, according to some researchers.

A professional crime scene cleaner will decontaminate a blood contaminated environment upon entering. In this way any residual bacteria or viruses find a less hospitable habitat.

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California crime scene cleanup is a racket. It is a business racket. It is a business racket because Sheriff-Coroner employees control this business. Control it by correcting family members of homicide, suicide, and attended the persons to corrupt crime scene cleanup companies. A corrupt crime since the company is one that pays Sheriff-coroner employees 10% referral fee for a family business. We also call this arrangement crime scene cleanup "kickback."

I have no connection to any County Sheriff-Coroner employees. I have never been a Sheriff-Coroner employee money to send business my word. My first two years of business I received a small number of Orange County Sheriff-Coroner employee referred to families. In those days, 2002 to 2004, Sheriff-Coroner employees for the orange County coroner's department control a list of telephone numbers from which they referred Orange County families and businesses for blood cleanup.

I objected to this arrangement because the county has no authority legal right to control freak enterprise in Orange County, California. You agree that it should be this way everywhere in the United States, but it is not. Them about 2005 all things changed. I received zero referrals from the orange County Sheriff-Coroner's department. In response to my questions, they claim that they never develop referral information to anyone, ever. I knew this was a lie. My wife knew it was a lie.

In any case, since you reached this far, you now An opportunity to use my blood cleanup services for homicide, suicide, unattended death, composition, and other infectious waste clean up issues


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Prices - Generally range from $400 to $1,800 ($1,800 usually reflects multiple homicides and/or long commutes)

I charge less than my competitors, generally. However, for smaller crime scene cleanup services I may not be able to match cleaning prices for crime scene cleanup needs many miles from my residence in Orange County, California; however, call and learn more. I have completed a number of crime scene cleanup jobs as far away as Modoc County, Siskiyou County, and Del Norte. Generally, though, Sacramento County and San Francisco are the most often serviced counties north of San Luis Obispo.

Crime scene cleanup prices begin at $400 for a minor incident within 100 miles of my residence.From my residence in Orange County, California I begin to factor in distance, time, wear and tear my vehicles, and other conditions.